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Grace Church International began with a directive, a vision, and a purpose from God, birthed in the heart of Bishop Johnathan E. Alvarado “Go and possess the Land!” (Deut. 1:8). Grace Church International held its first official worship service on Sunday evening, June 6, 1992 at St. Stephens Lutheran Church. Over the course of time it became more and more apparent that God definitely had His hand on Grace Church International. Bishop Alvarado incorporated a second, third and fourth Sunday morning worship service because of the continued and steady growth.

Bishop Alvarado, led by God’s mandate to “Enlarge the place of your tents” (Isa. 54:2), sought to make a greater impact in the metropolitan Atlanta community and began to explore Henry County which was experiencing significant growth. As God would have it, Grace Church International held it first service in its new South location in McDonough, Georgia on Sunday, November 3, 2002 at 6:00pm. Grace Church International-South was housed in one of the most historic structures located in the heart of downtown McDonough in Henry County. This was certainly the Lord’s doing and it was marvelous in our eyes! That night the Holy Spirit confirmed His sanction of the South location by adding 15 new members to the 50 existing members that committed themselves as permanent members of this new Grace Church International location.

Grace Church International South steadily grew necessitating the incorporation of new programs to minister to children, serve families and the community at large. The ministry held Community events such as Grace on the Square in September of 2003 which impacted hundreds and attracted the attention of local government officials, the media, and the surrounding community. The presence of Grace Church International South’s was embrace by the community as it was making a difference through the worship, the preached word and community involvement under the leadership of Bishop Johnathan E. Alvarado.

The ministry continued to grow creating the need for additional space. Therefore, Bishop Alvarado sought to relocate the South location to the Clayton County area to meet the needs in that community as well as provide additional opportunities for the church to grow. The Lord directed Bishop Alvarado to a property located in Rex, Georgia in Clayton County. The property housed a 350 seat sanctuary, with office space, a full size gymnasium and over 10 classrooms, alongside another building designated as a youth facility. Bishop and Co-Pastor Alvarado sensed the potential to accomplish greater ministry through this facility and urged the congregation to support the acquisition of the Rex church. With great fervor the 300 member congregation of GCI South seized the moment and acquired the 10-acre $2.1 million property with the financial backing of TGCC Headquarters. This facility was dedicated on the third anniversary celebration on December 4, 2005 after receiving a facelift to beautify and establish its presence within the community. The ministry immediately inspired new zeal, kindled new passion, birthed new Christians, and developed new leaders. By April 2006 the newly purchased property located at 6558 Fielder Road was completely paid off. Grace Church International South continued to grow and develop an identity of its own and in April 2007 TGCC South officially changed its name to Grace Church International Clayton.

Bishop and Co-Pastor Alvarado continued to develop leaders and ministry worker to carry out the vision as GCI Clayton provided an atmosphere for servant leaders to emerge. Pastor LaVoris Holloway, having served as the lead elder at the McDonough location and now at the Clayton location, continually displayed his ability to serve and lead the Clayton congregation.  Therefore, Bishop and Co-Pastor Alvarado sensing the pastoral grace upon Pastor Holloway decided to ordain and set Pastor Holloway in as the Senior Pastor. On November 1, 2009 Pastor LaVoris L. Holloway was installed by Bishop Alvarado as the Senior Pastor of Grace Church International Clayton.

Pastor Holloway’s appointment inspired the congregation to continue to fulfill the call of God and the legacy of faith that was set before them. Since his appointment GCI Clayton has launched its own Praise Team, Choir, Men’s Ministry and Convalescent Ministry. The church and Pastor Holloway have connected with the community, even the more, by establishing the “Give a Gift Project” where needy families receive a ham or turkey during the Christmas holiday, by volunteering during the East Clayton County Community Day and by supporting the Melvinia Shields Memorial Dedication Ceremony (the great, great, great grandmother of First Lady Michelle Obama) in historic Rex Village.

There is great expectation for what the Lord desires to do through Pastor Holloway and the GCI Clayton church. The leadership and congregation are committed to fulfilling the vision of being a spirit-filled, multicultural, worshipping community, developing people into Christian disciples.

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